Marius Filip – Head Of Affiliates


Marius Filip is the winner of the most sought after award: Best Overall Affiliate Manager 2015 ( This is his 3rd affiliate manager award collected in roughly 1 year as he also won the Trusted Affiliate Manager 2014 and 2015 (

This is not all Marius Filip is also the winner of Best Poker Affiliate Manager 2016 ( This is his 4th  affiliate manager award collected in roughly 1 year as he also won the Best Affiliate Manager Overall 2015, Trusted Affiliate Manager 2014 and 2015 (

Best Overall Affiliate Manager of the Year 2015 : Marius Filip – “The judges felt that Marius Filip deserved this distinction because of his commitment, professionalism and hardworking attitude.He makes his life about his affiliates by constantly looking for innovative and unique solutions ensuring they succeed.In addition they were particularly impressed because he goes marries excellent relationship management with the ability to build affiliate programs&brands from scratch.He has successfully overseen the rapid growth of a start up affiliate program for the second time in a row – carrying with it double the work load!”

“In a market that is extremely competitive Marius stands out as a leader in his field. He works tirelessly to please all his affiliates and is extremely good at his job in fact he excels at it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marius and look forward to watching him move through this industry to the very top.
A testament to him and his reputation in the market was when he won the best Overall Affiliate Manager at our iGB Affiliate awards beating literally hundreds of other affiliate managers.”

says Alex Pratt, Managing Director at iGaming Business (part of Clarion Events)