Mamamia Campaigns week 43

Hello everyone! We have a full week ahead on to look forward to. A lot of promotions and campaigns will be pushed as usual and here is a quick view of the coming week 43.

20/10 Monday

Måndagsbonus! (Monday bonus)

Deposit 200 SEK or more, get 50SEK bonus on all you deposits!

Note that this offer will only be available if the deposits are over 200SEK. You will not be able to get the bonus if you do several separate deposits that ad up to 200SEK. The bonus will automatically add on to your payer account when you have turned over your deposit.

21/10 Tuesday

Chat games with five winners in TRIO!
Its allways more fun to have a lot of winners in the same game! Thats why we will play chat games with five winners in every game between 13:00 – 14:00 in TRIO. No matter what chat game the chathoast starts it will be five winners! Good luck!

Stagering chat game winnings! 
To take part in this event you should head over to Club60 between 20:00 – 22:00. Chat games winnings go up with €0.5 for every game! Good luck!


22/10 Wednesday

Get some extra coins on your deposit! Deposit up to 500SEK and get 50% bonus! Note: The offer can only be used once.

23/10 Thursday

Quizzies with Arne Weise!
Arne Weise will be in the chat between 17:00 – 18:00 to hang out and play some quizzes with you. We need four winners and four bonus winnings will be handed out. Maybe it will be you this week? But don’t worry if you didn’t win any of Arnes quizzes he will hand out a jumboprize to someone who he thinks is worthy and who has fought hard in the chatroom! 

Rules for this event is as followin:
You can only write one answer per question! Be very picky with your spelling because if you spell something wrong it will not be a correct answer. And always accept that it is the chathoast that decides which answers are correct!


24/10 Friday

Friday bonus!
Get 100SEK bonus on any deposit today! Note that this offer is only available during the friday.

Daredevil Hour
Daredevil hour with two winners! In this event you can win a little extra if you are brave. When the chat game starts you will pick three numbers of your choice. During the game you can also choose to send in when two out of these numbers have been shown. You will then win 10 SEK if you are first! But if you are cold as ice you choose to hold on to them and wait for the third number, you will then get 30SEK to play with. Remember to only write the two numbers thats already been shown if you choose to take 10SEK prize. This competition will be held between 17-18:00 in TRIO. Good luck!

25/10 Saturday

Double chat game winnings in Club60!
Today we double up! Between 14-15:00 it’s Double chat game winnings in Club60. If you for example win a LIMBO you will be rewarded with 20SEK instead of 10SEK. Here you have the chance to win a lot of extra gaming money!

26/10 Sunday

Sunday Marathon

This marathon is a little simpler than the usual Marathon. You choose 2 numbers and your goal is to get these numbers within 7 draws. When you get your numbers right, do exactly as you would in a regular chat game, meaning that you should write *MARAN* 1 2. If you get the “Mara” within 7 draws you will get 100SEK to play with. On the other draws you will be rewarded with 10SEK to play with. We play in Club60 14-15:00 and in TRIO 17-18:00. Good luck!